Fotobook Kassel Dummy Award 2014


The Library Project
4 Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Dates: 3-27 July

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11am-6pm/ Sat-Sun 12-6pm

Fotobook Kassel Dummy Award 2014

The Fotobookfestival Kassel invited photographers to present their so-far unpublished photobooks to an international public and to eminent experts. The best 48 books were selected by a pre-jury and will be exhibited at international photo events in Athens, Cologne, Dublin, Madrid, Milano, Oslo, Paris, Rome, Paraty and Sao Paulo. From these 48 titles, 3 winners will be chosen by an international jury of experts at the PhotoBookMuseum Cologne on Saturday, 23. August. The winner of the First Prize will be given the opportunity to realize the dummy as a ‘real’ book in cooperation with the festival’s production partner, k-books. The winner will be featured in the magazine European Photography. The First Prize also includes, apart from the book production, the presentation of the photobook-work during the next Fotobookfestival in Kassel in 2015. The Second Prize is a book production voucher valued at €500; the Third Prize is a voucher valued at €300 given by k-books. The exhibition at The Library Project offers the visitor the chance to browse the 48 books shortlisted.



International Photobook Dummy Award 2014: The shortlist

The shortlisted photobooks were chosen by Tamara Berghmans (Fotomuseum Antwerpen), Angel Luis Gonzalez Fernandez (PhotoIreland Dublin), Sebastian Hau (Le Bal Books Paris), Jeffrey Ladd (Photographer Cologne), Dieter Neubert (Fotobookfestival Kassel), Markus Schaden (ThePhotoBookMuseum Cologne) and Stephanie von Spreter (Fotogalleriet Oslo).


In alphabetical order:

01. Richard Ansett ‘Fat’
02. Vincen Beeckman ‘Filip’
03. Alessia Bernardini ‘Becoming Simone’
04. Johannes Bissinger, Jonas Hirschmann ‘For You – Vor Ort / Vanitas’
05. Jim Campers ‘Let’s Kill The Moonlight’
06. Tiago Casanova ‘Pearl’
07. The Cool Couple ‘Approximation To The West’
08. Alvaro Deprit ‘Dreaming Leone’
09. Cathleen Falckenhayn ‘3zkb’
10. Joseph Gallix ‘Le Combat Continu’
11. Kirill Golovchenko ‘Maidan – Under Construction’
12. Kenneth O Halloran ‘The Handball Alley’
13. Gabriele Harhoff ‘Tobiko’
14. Oliver Hartung ‘Iran Ein Kinderbuch’
15. Tomoko Kawai ‘Utopia’
16. Hajime Kimura ‘Scrap Book’
17. No Man’s Land Collective ‘Greenhouse’
18. Joëlle Lehmann ‘Welcome To Walmart’
19. Alberto Lizaralde ‘Everything Will Be Ok’
20. Adam J. Long ‘Kenwood Avenue’
21. Anne-Lena Michel ‘Saturn’
22. Bernhard Moosbauer ‘Mann Mit Tiger’
23. Merlin Nadj-Torma ‘Here Is Every Thing As 22 Stars :-)’
24. Steven Nestor ‘Von Trothas Fahrt Nach Südwest!’
25. Eufália C Paz ‘O Destino De Um Coração’
26. Armando Perna ‘Dahiye’
27. Maciej Pestka ‘The Life Of Psy’
28. Mafalda Rakoš, Iuna Vieira, Raphael Reichl ‘3rd Generation’
29. Jana Romanova ‘Shvilishvili’
30. Irina Rozovsky ‘Island On My Mind’
31. Kirill Savchenkov ‘Iceberg’
32. Mireille Schellhorn
‘A Hope Of Relief And Cure’

33. Jannis Schulze ‘Strandmasse’
34. Darragh Shanahan ‘Love Is A Stranger’
35. Michele Sibiloni ‘Fuck It’
36. Nicolas Silberfaden ‘738’
37. Alberto Sinigaglia ‘Big Sky Hunting’
38. Sandra Stein ‘Keine Ahnung’
39. Katja Stuke ‘国庆节 Nationalfeiertag’
40. Ingo Sturm ‘The Windshield Paradox’
41. Birk Thomassen ‘Red’
42. Timotheus Tomicek ‘Almost There.’
43. Ole A. H. Truderung ‘Distance, Safety & Fiction’
44. Eva Voutsaki ‘Family Photo Sketch Book: The Drakona Block’
45. Sanne De Wilde ‘The Dwarf Empire’ Part 1 |Part2
46. Ata Kam ‘Pulse’
47. Chen Zhe ‘The Bearable & Bees’
48. Hai Zhang ‘Hai Zhang – Unintended Homecoming’



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