Truths, Facts, Fictions, Lies

We seek, produce, use, and consume all kind of images in our everyday. Whether in the private or the public sphere, we need them for sharing and obtaining details regarding experiences, news, and events. They serve to illustrate ideas that in turn endorse or contest other ideas. With these images, through storytelling, we shape public opinion and enjoy a shared sense of what is true, what is real. The way we understand our reality then is through these fragmented stories that we tell ourselves. Some of them may be accepted as truths, some others understood as mere myths, legends, hoaxes, or lies.

Truths, Facts, Fictions, Lies presents selected projects by 24 photographers and 2 collectives, plus a special presentation of The Sochi Project, with photographs by Rob Hornstra, and texts by Arnold van Bruggen.



A short essay on the festival theme will be published later in the year to accompany a special publication on Photography.