Judea Cora,
César Rodríguez

Truths, Facts, Fiction, Lies

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Judea Cora,
César Rodríguez

The Coras were one of the last ethnic groups to be conquered in México. When the Spanish came, the Coras fled to the mountains, the majority of them today are still located in these remote areas on the Sierra del Nayar in Nayarit, and also in Jalisco and Durango. Some speak a little bit of Spanish but they have kept their own language, culture and traditions intact.

Eventually it was not by force that they were conquered but through religion.This series of portraits was taken during Holy Week at the community of San Juan Bautista, Nayarit. The Coras interpret and celebrate  this festival in a unique way. It is a one of a kind celebration that is rapidly changing and evolving, where pagan rituals of body paint and animal head masks mingle with Catholic prayer beads, and now,even sun glasses.