PhotoIreland Festival 2014 | O Destino de Um Coração, Eufália C Paz

O Destino de Um Coração,
Eufália C Paz

Selected-Photobooks, Truths, Facts, Fiction, Lies

South Studios
27/28 New Row South,
Dublin 8

Opening: 6pm Sat 5 July
Dates: 3-13 Jul
EXTENDED to Sun 20th July
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 12-6pm

O Destino de Um Coração,
Eufália C Paz

My father was raised in a time and culture that made him a very domineering person. He never expected to have a family, but when he was 53 he met my mother, who was 20. They got married, had children and lived together for 18 years until they divorced. After the divorce, being a controlling person, my father had a house built besides my mother’s in an effort to stay closer to us and somehow control her life, all while creating a new family with another woman – who happened to have the same name, and was the same age, as my mother. My father and his new wife lived there together happily until his death. Afterwards, my mother met a man who had the same name as my father and was 15 years younger than herself. They are still happily together to this day. My father died. And after his death… everyone in the family felt free to make decisions for themselves.