PhotoIreland Festival 2014 | The Pigs, Carlos Spottorno

The Pigs, Carlos Spottorno

Selected-Photobooks, Truths, Facts, Fiction, Lies

23-24 Temple Lane South
Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Opening: 6pm Thu 3 July
Dates: 4-27 July

The Pigs, Carlos Spottorno

The term PIGS was coined by the financial press to refer to Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain. The photos included in this publication represent some of the stereotypes commonly used to justify the use of the term PIGS. It is a reflection on the internal and external perception of this part the world that has had a glorious past but an uncertain and disturbing future. Formally The Pigs is an exact replica of The Economist, the Anglo-Saxon champion for neo-liberal economic thesis.